First Aid Cloud

What is it ?
It contains all the material from our very successful DVD (see Contents). Using the Cloud option makes it easy to roll out to multiple sites and First Aiders. Simply log in from any internet enabled Computer with sound. Your First Aiders will stay up to date, confident and ready to act.

You will have your own dedicated area, personalised with your own logo, message and even web address (

Our First Aid Cloud, is designed to support the HSE`s strong recommendation that first aiders are to refresh their first aid knowledge on an annual basis.

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How is it delivered ?
We use a dedicated professional web hosting company which provides reliable and fast access to all our First Aid Training content.

It gives your First Aiders the confidence to act. You are also guaranteed all the content is up to date, we do that automatically.

What does it cost ?
Our standard price, which is an annual fee per license is £12.50 (without VAT). This gives your First Aiders access to up to date training to keep them confident and refreshed. There is a minimum fee of £125 per year.

What next?
To purchase then please click on the Pricing button above, and select your required tariff. Please call or email us with any queries, or you wish to discuss your needs.