Primary Assessment
Unconscious Casualty Breathing
Recovery Position
Adult, Child, Baby
Basic Life Support (CPR)
Adult, Child, Baby
Circulation Disorders
Medical Shock, Heart Attack, Anaphylactic Shock
Adult, Child and baby
Breathing Disorders
Asthma, Hyperventilation
Consciousness Disorders
Concussion, Skull Fracture, Stroke, Epilepsy, Diabetes
Bones and Joint Injuries
Fractures, Broken Bones, Spinal Injury, Soft tissue sprain or strain
Wounds and bleeding
Major bleeding, Nose Bleed, Amputation, Eye Injuries
Body temperature issues
Effects of heat, Effects of cold
Burns and Scalds
Child and baby conditions
Meningitis, Croup, Breath Holding
Other conditions
Bites, Stings, Poisoning
Asthma, Bleeding, Broken Bone, Unconscious Casualty

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